A day in Aberystwyth, Wales….!!

A day in Aberystwyth, Wales….!!

I had a conference in the University of Aberystwyth and I arrived one and a half day earlier. So, got a chance to explore the beautiful city. I am going to share my experience with the city and hope it may be of help for you.

Arrival to Aberystwyth by Train:

Aberystwyth is easily accessible by train from Manchester Airport and Birmingham International Airport. From Manchester Airport there is good train and the railway station is inside the airport. First you have to take a train to Shrewsbury and then change for the connecting service to Aberystwyth.

However, I flew to Birmingham International Airport where a direct train goes to Aberystwyth.

Train info.

Place to Stay:

There are several hotels and guest houses around the city, but I would strongly recommend you take one by the Marine Terrace, the road by the sea side. Beside of getting the best view and restaurants around you can enjoy evening or night walk by the sea and relax.

I stayed in the Celtic Bay Guest House, which is located by the Marine Terrace with sea view. Although the room was pretty small but for the price I paid was happy and also I broke their room key while opening the door but they did not complain..!!!

Things to do:

1. Walking along the Marine Terrace

It was probably one of my favourite activity I did in Aberystwyth. If you are lucky to get a sunny day just walk along the Marine Terrance. There are few shops from where you can get ice cream, beer, wine, fish-n-chips etc. The road begins at the base of constitutional hill and ends at the Aberystwyth harbour (approximately 1.2 km).

2. Constitutional hill

If you love hiking you will definitely like to hike to the top of constitutional hill. The trails are pretty good they also have benches for resting. I enjoyed my hike very much and I should also say it is very easy to reach on top of the hill. Once you are at the summit there are fun things to do as well. They have Camera Obscura, Bowling and a cafe. But I think the most exciting thing was to capture the  beautiful comprehensive view of Aberystwyth city. 

And if you want to walk even more you can walk at the back of cafe there is a path leads to nearby village. For those who don’t want to walk may take the Cliff Rail to reach the summit.

3. Cliff Railway

Established in 1896, Cliff Railway is a iconic attraction of the Aberystwyth city. 

More information on Cliff Railways can be found here.

4. Aberystwyth Castle

Another iconic historical place of interest is Aberystwyth Castle. Its mostly broken but the remnants are still telling some stories.  It is located by the Marine Terrace but on the other direction of Constitution Hill. More information can be found here.

I visited both in the late morning and evening during sunset. The sunset colour gives a magical hue to the soundings of the castle. There are also plenty of chairs where you can seat, relax and enjoy the sunset in the sea.



5. Aberystwyth old college

It is another iconic building of Aberystwyth located in the seaside beside the Aberystwyth Castle built in 1795 by John Nash. Presently, the building is a part of the University of Aberystwyth. More information here.

6. Aberystwyth Marina

Lovely place to walk around and there is small restaurant serves sea foods. I did not try but I guess you can rent a boat in season and go around and also they organize Crabbing trips.

7. Aberystwyth North beach

One of the most famous tourist attraction of Aberystwyth. The place is so relaxing, had lots of fun making my leg wet and watching the sun set. There is a sunset point (extended footbridge in the sea). Just relax…..relax…and relax…..awesome..!!!

8. Royal Pier, Aberystwyth

It is a pleasure pier located at the corner of north beach. There are fun activities to do in pier. More information is here.

Places to eat:

There is a  fish-n-chips shop at the opposite of Royal Pier. It remains quite busy in peak time and they only accept cash.

Another Greek restaurant Olive Branch located opposite to Royal Pier. More information here. They only accept card payment over 50GBP. Among their menu Stuffed chicken is highly recommended.

If you are foodie like me and like the test of Indian cuisines The Light of Asia is the place you may try. More information here. Royal Pier as I talked above has restaurant and serve varieties of continental foods. There is also a KFC in the city and number of restaurant specially near the train and bus station.

Finally, I should say, Aberystwyth is a lovely place and I enjoyed a lot. If you are planning to visit as weekend gateway or want to spend some time away from stress and work this is the perfect place. Just seat, relax and enjoy the hypnotic murmuring of waves.



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  1. These photos are better than the ones on Wales tourism website. Looking forward to visit Aberystwyth.

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