Travelling from Aberystwyth to St. David’s in Pembrokeshire….!!

Travelling from Aberystwyth to St. David’s in Pembrokeshire….!!

Apparently this may sounds trivial but for a lone traveller like me who solely depends on public transport in a foreign country these information may be helpful. I always make my itinerary well in advanced and so as the booking of tickets and hotels/guesthouses. But while planning my trip from Aberystwyth to St. Davids I could not book my transport in advance.

There are four ways to reach to St. David’s from Aberystwyth.

By Car:

The distance between Aberystwyth and St. David’s is approximately 120km (approximately 2 hours drive) and easily accessible by car.  The scenic beauty on the either sides of the road are mesmerizing. 

However, the roads are quite narrow and I couldn’t  dare to drive on the left side of the road as I am habituated to drive on the right.


The approximate cost for Uber X is in between 122-165 GBP and for Uber XL 175- 235 GBP. But please check the availability in advance if you are planning of taking Uber as I could hardly locate any Uber during my time.


There is a possibility of train ride from Aberystwyth and St. David’s but believe me its bit complicated and generally takes more time then car or bus. First you have to take T1 but from Aberystwyth bus station to Carmarthen. Then you have to take train towards Milford Haven upto Haverfordwest which is kind of big city near St. David’s. From Haverfordwest you have to take bus no 411 to St. David’s New Street Playground stoppage. The whole journey if you get the connecting bus or train properly may takes approximately 5 hours. The train information can be found here.


I found bus is the second most convenient after car. From Aberystwyth bus station you have to take bus no T5 upto Fishguard square and from fish guard square you have to take bus no 413. If you get the connecting bus in time the whole journey may take 3 hours and 30 mins.

There is no National Express service in these route. Only Richards Bro runs bus services. The time table and service information can be found here.

Please check the bus timing in advance as the bus frequency is less specially from Fishguard square to St. David’s. You can not book the bus ticket online in advance. You have to pay cash to the driver and I would strongly recommend to buy the ticket for the whole trip at the first place (I think I paid 8 GBP).

There are few eating places in the Fishguard Square bus stoppage and if you have layover time you can grab some food. I had my lunch from The Baguette Shop located on the left side of High street (the street where Boots is located). They serve fresh baguette, sandwich etc and I liked their warm hospitality. I had chicken sandwich with cappuccino.

I should say I enjoyed the journey very much. People and bus drivers were so warm and welcoming. But a word of caution, please carry a strong bag (trolley bag) which can be easily carry or roll on the ground. Visiting these places may needs lots of walking. I broke the handle of my trolley bag at Fishguard square and that gave me very hard time. Finally if you need taxi service at St. David’s you can contact Morgans Taxi: 07788292976; Tonys Taxi: 01437 720931; Donna’s Taxi: 07967 402054; Frankies Taxi: 01437 721731 and the Tourist Information Centre: 01437 720392. Enjoy….!!!!!



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